The First Saturday In... October

I've always loved the photos I take when I'm documenting my day - consciously trying to capture a day with my camera makes me more aware of the light and the colours in my life.

This was the idea behind This Little Big Life, but those of you taking part will have noticed that it's long since slunk away; Louise and I were finding it a bit much keeping up with a weekly linky. Letting it go was the right decision.

But I still loved the idea behind it.

So I'm planning to photograph the first Saturday of every month. You're welcome to join me but there won't be a linky; this project is for my own amusement.

Anyway, here's the first Saturday of October. It had a wet start outside and a slow start inside; Steve and Matilda headed out (mostly to the park) for five hours while I sorted out months' worth of photos, assembled a new scratching post, wrapped birthday presents and read a book; bedtime was simple; the evening was relaxed.

October: Light Around Blinds
October: Handwashing
October: Play dough rabbits
October: Cup of tea
October: Patterned tights
October: Autumn Leaf
October: Reading
October: Cat nightlight

You might notice that there are no photos of Matilda's face; I made a conscious decision, when she turned fifteen months old, not to publish any clearly recognisable images of her anymore. People recognise me on the street; there are plenty of bloggers' kids who I would recognise in a play park; I don't want anybody coming up to Matilda, knowing her name, before she's old enough to judge for herself whether or not they're a threat to her.

But that's a very serious note with which to end a very relaxed day. So tell me: how was Saturday for you?

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