Seaton Park (With Teeny Tiny Toddler Snack Review)

Seaton Park in Autumn

It was a beautiful autumn day on Sunday - sunny and clear with a chill in the air - so Steve, Matilda and I headed out to Seaton Park.

Seaton Park is Steve's and my favourite of Aberdeen's park. It's 27 hectares of woodland walks, wetland, pitches, formal flowerbeds and a particularly good play park (there's - usually - a real train for the kids to clamber on). There's even a secret walled garden hidden away up a hill. And the River Don runs along one side.

River Don from Seaton Park

It's got everything. Except a cafe. Seriously, somebody, there's a fortune to be made from a coffee van next to the swings.

In the meantime, a trip to Seaton Park means packing a picnic.

[People with no interest in affordable toddler snacks can skip the next few paragraphs; the rest of you should hang around]

Luckily for us, we had been sent a hamper of products from Aldi's new Mamia snack range to try out. It included 100% organic rice cakes, fruit and veg pouches, fruit pots and fruity spring water. We don't feel comfortable giving Matilda fruit juice, so that was packed into our buggy with Steve and me in mind; the rest are all toddler staples, though. We've tried out several of them with Matilda already and they've all promptly vanished.

Aldi Mamia Snack Review

We were also sent a £5 voucher to spend in store. Strictly speaking, we were supposed to spend it on nappies but Matilda's into pull ups now so that wasn't really relevant to us; I will say that we have used Aldi Mamia nappies in the past and loved how soft they are.

Aldi was having one of its regular baby and toddler events when we went in to spend the voucher so - rather than spending it on wine or chocolate - we bought Matilda a penguin backpack with reins attached. How cute is this?! Perfect for carrying her snacks, toy and magnifying glass around.

Seaton Park in Autumn, Toddler Rucksack from Aldi

This is where you can tune back in, people who don't have toddlers to feed.

Anyway, Sunday.

We arrived about half ten to the sound of cathedral bells pealing. It was so early, the grass was still shining with dew. We stomped around a little bit, leaving dark footprints behind us.

Sadly, Matilda wasn't really in the mood; she didn't seem to have much energy and kept asking to be carried. Even a fruit pouch (her favourite treat) couldn't perk her up.

Aldi Mamia fruit pouches

We popped her in the buggy and had an hour long walk around the park, hoping that she would nap (she didn't) or that fresh air would help (apparently not). She seemed happy enough to be sitting still, though, and Steve and I enjoyed getting to wander at a grown up pace, having a bit of a chat and pausing to take photos now and then.

Seriously, how gorgeous is this park? And this is just one side of it - we didn't even make it as far as the wetlands. Maybe next time. Maybe even next week.

Seaton Park in Autumn
Seaton Park in Autumn
Seaton Park in Autumn
Seaton Park in Autumn
Seaton Park in Autumn
Seaton Park in Autumn

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