Wonderful Wednesday #2

Pink-ish rose

To be completely honest, I finished this post on Sunday night. It is missing days' - IMPORTANT DAYS' - worth of wonderful moments. But my mum is visiting this week and that means minimal faffing around on the internet time. It's one of my wonderful things, though. Not just because she brings homemade cake and forks out for a Papa John's.

Anyway, what else has been making me smile this week?

All of this stuff:

Our Pink-ish Garden
The deep pink kaffir lilies are in bloom. The vivid pink super-frilly nerines are in bloom. The peachy pink rose bush is in bloom. The blue hydrangea has faded to a rusty pink. Our garden is in full on princess party mode and I love it.

Sat Nav Accent
As mentioned last week, Steve had use of his parents' car while he was on holiday. It's got sat nav. Its sat nav kept trying to send us the wrong way down one way streets, encourage us to do U-turns when there were signs prohibiting them, and telling us to make a turn ten metres after the exit. The five minute drive to Emma's house took us half an hour. Instead of getting stressed or rolling our eyes in resignation, we've been spending our detours howling with laughter at the prim accent attempting to pronounce Aberdonian street names; it can't even manage "Granite" never mind "Haudigain", "Mugiemoss" or anything with a soft Scottish "ch". Not that we'd be any better at pronouncing the street names in Satnavville, or wherever it hails from, but we don't think it has feelings to hurt - it was stroppily unhelpful long before we started to mock it.

Low Morning Sun
Streaming into the living room window. When I look to the right, I can't see the street for the low sunlight in my eyes; when I look to the left, the trees and gardens and houses are bathed in high contrast gold. Gorgeous.

We took Matilda to the farm last week. She fed an entire 50p bag of feed to the sheep, squealing with glee the whole time. I was more taken with the baby goats, though. Baby goats! Tiny little horns and curly fringes and miniscule hooves clacking up piles of rocks and eager wee faces being shoved through holes in the fence. Practical considerations of replacing the lawn mower with a goat, please...? Would I have to learn to yodel?

Autumn Socks
If I had my way (by which I mean: plenty of money), I'd spend the autumn in orange, yellow and brown cardigans and corduroy. In other words: I'd relive my 1970s toddler years but with a tote bag slung over my shoulder. That's not feasible, though, so I've made do with buying three pairs of orange, yellow and brown socks with leaves and foxes all over them. It's the women's size 4-7 things in life, eh?

Fox socks

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