Wonderful Wednesday #1


I've always loved writing my Extra: Ordinary Moments posts but they seemed a bit lost, all on their own, languishing at the end of the week. So I've decided to bump them up a few days, give them a positive focus and turn them into Wonderful Wednesdays.

Wonderful Wednesdays are Sally's idea but Michelle (on whose blog I originally discovered them), Kate, Helen, Jo, Cat, Emma, Sam, LauraKerriPetaSarah and Jasmin all take part, too. Check out their blogs for weekly ramblings about the good stuff in life.

Anyway, here's what's been putting a smile on my face over the past seven days:

They're all over the neighbourhood just now. And best of all: I didn't even have to wade into the prickles and pick them myself; I was left supervising two purple-smeared toddlers while the other kid's parent did all the hard work.

Matilda did her first spot of baking this week. Not that I think she understood what was going on. She snapped a bar of dark chocolate into pieces, put silicon cupcake cases into a muffin tray (in a very specific order which took a lot of thought) and stirred a bowl of flour and... uh... other ingredients (it wasn't me reading the recipe). And the finished result tasted great. A few days later she helped to make pancakes, too.


I love it when the city vanishes into the mist (is there a difference between fog and mist? Steve told Matilda that the fog was "a cloud that has gone to sleep on us" and it could well be that he was imparting scientific fact rather than whimsy - I don't have any greater understanding of it). Anyway, on Thursday we couldn't even see the end of our very short street and that excited me. We could have been magically transported anywhere.

By which I mean: booze and raucous laughter with a friend. We went to an adults only takeover evening at Aberdeen Science Centre where we learned about wine and gin, lay in the planetarium while Rupert Grint's recorded voice speculated about alien lifeforms, played with all the usual displays (yes, Aberdonians, they still have the pooing sheep) and failed to turn our milkshake into ice cream.

The Internet
Steve's on holiday this week (more on the specifics of that in another post); his parents loaned us one of their cars so we could take Matilda to some of the places we can't manage by bus. Anyway, we had our first outing, clambered back into the car, fastened everyone in and... the engine wouldn't start. The key wouldn't turn. The list of handy hints Steve's dad had written out didn't cover this; the handbook didn't cover this; Steve's parents weren't answering their phones. Matilda was exhausted, alternately shouting "Click!" (by which she means: "Unfasten whatever it is you've got me strapped into!") and "Go go go goooo!" (self-explanatory, I think?), and we were befuddled, wondering whether we needed to call for repairs and a lift home. Ten seconds on Google and we had the wheel-jiggling answer. Thank goodness for mobile data.

Real Butter
On hot, golden, white bread toast.

12 Hour Nights; 8am Lie-Ins
Before other parents get too jealous: we have had no naps - NO NAPS - for a week and a half now. And there's been a brief wake up around 4am each night. But 12 hour nights and the luxury of waking up before the toddler does? Keep everything you possibly can crossed that this is not a fluke.

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