My Family Ate Insects (Review Post)

Review: Thaikun Aberdeen. Interior decor.

Last weekend, one very wriggly toddler, her father and I headed to Union Square to try out the food - in particular, the new kids' menu - at Thaikun.

Steve had been keen to visit Thaikun for ages - he had heard really good things about it and he's a big fan of Thai cookery. As a vegetarian who doesn't like tofu, I was more hesitant. So, how did I get on...?

Review: Thaikun Aberdeen.
Review: Thaikun Aberdeen. Menu.

Thaikun's menu is enormous. There is something for everyone there but, if (like me) you're fussy, it could take you a while to find it; if (like Steve) you're completely unfussy, it could take a while to narrow down your options.

Luckily, our waiter, Keith, asked if we would like him to help us choose; he asked what sorts of things we each liked and made recommendations based on our personal preferences. Both Steve and I ended up opting for the dishes he suggested.

Review: Thaikun Aberdeen.
Review: Thaikun Aberdeen. Pad Thai.

I had pad thai with vegetables in place of tofu (pictured above) and it was delicious.

Steve had chilli garlic prawns and chicken skewers with coconut rice (pictured below) and tells me it was all very good - he particularly liked the rice.

Review: Thaikun Aberdeen. Whatever Steve ate.
Review: Thaikun Aberdeen. Children's menu.

But what we were really interested in was the new children's menu. It takes a mix and match approach, allowing children (or, in the case of kids as young as Matilda, their parents) to create the perfect meal for them.

Matilda had jasmine rice, chicken, vegetables and... uh... some sort of sauce (sweet barbecue, maybe?). It was a huge meal - big enough for a hungry teenager - but she grazed it happily for almost two hours and most of it ended up in her mouth instead of on the floor.

All of the kids' meals also come with a tub of edible insects. And this is what you really want to hear about, isn't it?

Review: Thaikun Aberdeen. Edible Insects.

I've got to be honest: neither Steve nor I could see anything appealing in that tub! Matilda, on the other hand, scoffed them by the handful.

She did also eat the lemon out of her cup of water, mind you...

Review: Thaikun Aberdeen.

Steve also braved the insects. He said they had a surprising lack of flavour and kind of popped in his mouth; he wouldn't order them again, but didn't find them inedible! This is his "I'm eating bugs" face:

Review: Thaikun Aberdeen. Eating insects.
Review: Thaikun Aberdeen.

Of course, for me, the high point of any meal is the dessert. And how about this for a dessert menu?

Review: Thaikun Aberdeen. Dessert menu.

I'd come back just for the ice cream! I actually had banana fritters (yum!) and Steve had the thai waffles because he was so intrigued by green tea ice cream (pictured below).

Review: Thaikun Aberdeen. Matcha ice cream.

Matilda had her first ever ice cream: strawberry ripple. She ate several spoonfuls but didn't seem to rate it as highly as the bugs! By that point, the excitement was getting a bit much for her, though - she crashed out in the buggy home, an hour and a half before her usual bedtime!

So: Thaikun kids' menu? Got the thumbs up from our daughter AND seems to send our child to sleep.

Review: Thaikun Aberdeen.

*Our meals were provided in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are our own.

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