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Elise from Elise and Life and Sarah from Sarah Rooftops
(photo courtesy of Elise)

The definite high point of this week was a 100 minute visit from Elise.

It's ages since we last spent a day wandering around a strange town, taking photos, poking in gift shops and drinking booze; this time, we had a rushed lunch in the M&S cafe then watched Matilda play on a climbing frame. Motherhood glam.

We did manage to squeeze in one token blogger cliche: we ate Krispy Kremes. They were nice enough doughnuts and all, but we weren't sure they quite lived up to the hype. Still, at least Matilda was too distracted by the slide to notice that we weren't sharing our sugar.

* * *

It's been miserable weather this week so - obviously - I ordered myself a pair of sandals. For the last five years, every time there was a glorious day I wished I had a pair of sandals; I've thought about buying some; sometimes I've even prodded disappointedly at all the brown suede shoes in Clarks; but, ultimately, I've always decided that it wasn't worth spending money I couldn't really spare on shoes I would wear once a year.

Now that I'm never stuck in an office on hot days, I feel like I can justify buying sandals. Although only because they were £28 in the sale.

I'm a blogger so obviously they're Salt-Waters. I've been on Instagram enough this summer to know that Salt-Waters guarantee sunshine, exotically flavoured ice cream and rose bushes in the garden which look glorious instead of like the Wicker Man with a flower plonked on top. So fingers crossed they fit.

* * *

Matilda's one summer group ended this week. She got a little certificate congratulating her on showing up; I made the mistake of showing it to her, though, so she now has a scrunched up piece of paper.

We also visited the PlayTalkRead bus which she enjoyed until people started singing (she was presumably objecting to it being the sexist version of The Wheels on the Bus) ("No. Buggy. Go. Buggy.") and we went to a special messy play session.

* * *

In other news, I'm not going to say enough about the new neighbours to justify a blog post. Because they haven't given me permission to talk about them (and probably don't know my blog my exists). But suffice to say: there are two babies downstairs and the only noise we hear is grown ups going "Bobbidybobbidybobbidybobbidyboobooboobooboo". We're probably the noisy neighbours in this scenario with our shrieking toddler thundering from room to room and pretending to be a kangaroo (thanks to our pal, Bruce, for teaching her that trick).

 * * *

I'm feeding some friends' cat this weekend while they're off doing whatever it was that they told me about when they asked (drinking more alcohol than me, certainly).

Yesterday evening was the easiest ever stint of cat-sitting duty when I turned up at their flat to find them still in it. They were several hours late in leaving because one of them got trapped hunting Pokemon. So, instead of having to deal with stinky cat food, I got a nice cup of tea, had a bit of a chat and was even given a lift home afterwards.

This morning they weren't there. I was a little disappointed.

* * *

The rest of my weekend is all about pottering. Steve and Matilda had an accidental (don't ask; it involves messy naps) Daddy-daughter day at the beach yesterday and today they're off on an adventure with Steve's parents (whose snazzy campervan only seats four), so I'm getting to spend a whole weekend reading, gardening and ticking things off the To Do list. It's rather lovely, even if I do feel like there's something very important missing and have to press all the buttons on the washing machine myself.

* * *

What have you been up to this week?

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