This Little Big Life: Pottering

This Little Big Life is run by Louise from Squished Blueberries and me as a way to celebrate the small moments which make life BIG, with a focus on the weekend/days off.

There's this weekly linky but there's also now an Instagram account (@thislittlebiglife). Please do get tagging your little moments with the hashtag #thislittlebiglife; we both bumble along, fitting this in around parenting, but we do try to keep up with everybody's photos and we'll be sharing some of them, too.

Anyway, last Saturday was a pottering around at home sort of a day from Matilda and me. I had what I figured was a bit of a hangover (grossly unfair given that I'd only had two glasses of white wine and caught the 10:30 bus home the night before), Matilda seemed a bit under the weather and Steve was away doing his version of non-family fun all day (it's something to do with angry plastic monsters and a problem page run by some guy called Grimbrondal). So: books; TV; poking around the garden; as little housework as we could get away with; and unhealthy nap time snacks. When Steve got home, I got a little gardening done.

There are no photos from Sunday (except my Two Days the Same one) because all three of us were now under the weather; we even cancelled plans to have a (free! blogger perk!) meal at a restaurant Steve's very keen to visit because we couldn't guarantee that anyone would have any appetite.

So, this is how my weekend looked:

This Little Big Life: Laundry
This Little Big Life: Toddler on table
This Little Big Life: Hangover Food
This Little Big Life: Toddler reading vintage brochure
This Little Big Life: Nasturtium
This Little Big Life: Wet path
This Little Big Life: Yellow rose
This Little Big Life: Pasta

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