In Which I Ramble On About Naps and a Very Nice Italian Restaurant


Oh ho, we're back into nap chaos.

After a wonderful week of me being able to say, "It's time to sleep," then watch my toddler climb into bed, shut her eyes and drift off for two solid hours (I couldn't believe it, either), this week has been a mix of completely sleepfree days and begrudged thirty minutes dozes in the buggy.

I've been surprised to find myself taking it in my stride. I'm tired of nap battles so, this week, I've stopped having them; if she tells me she doesn't want to nap, that's fine, she doesn't have to - we do a quiet activity for an hour or so and then she gets plonked in the buggy and wheeled around long enough for her to (potentially) conk out.

Of course, it helps that my mum has been here for three days this week, taking a turn at Buggy Duty (and Mega Bloks Duty and Reading The Same Book A Million Times Duty and Helping Her Walk Up And Down The Stairs Duty).

It's been a lovely week, actually.

Zizzi review: toddler meal

On top of Mum's visit, sunshine, flowers and all the usual fun activities, there was a complimentary lunch in an Italian restaurant.

Union Square launched their Summer Food Fest this week; as part of this, they treated my mum, Matilda and me to lunch at Zizzi. It was so nice to be able to take my mum out for a meal which she didn't end up paying for!

Mum had porcini giganti tortelloni (enormous mushroom pasta), I had ravioli di capra (goats cheese and spinach pasta, pictured below) and Matilda had a huge plate of pomodoro pasta. I knew everything would be good as I've been to Zizzi a few times - in fact, last time Mum visited, Steve and I left her to babysit while we headed to Zizzi for a meal - but Mum had never been before and was very impressed by the food and how filling the portions were!

Matilda seemed to rate the crayons and colouring in pretty highly, too.

Zizzi review: pesto tortelloni

I have to admit: I was a bit slack about taking photos as this was more of a treat than a formal review opportunity. So take my word for it: Zizzi is a really nice restaurant, the staff were very friendly (hi to our waiter, Martin, who has worked there for five years!) and the food was excellent.

That said, there are lots of nice restaurants at Union Square and if - like me - you tend to pick which one to visit based on which has the best special offers running, you might want to check out Union Square's PLUS app (Android and iPhone) which details heaps of current deals including 25% off at Zizzi and (my current favourite kind) "kids eat free" deals at Chiquito, Frankie and Benny's and Las Iguanas (all of these deals are valid until 15th August). If you switch your phone's bluetooth on, you can even get notifications of special offers as you walk around the shopping centre and the app has a whole section devoted to competitions (with prizes including CAKE!).

Steve, Matilda and I are actually heading back to Union Square this weekend to try out a restaurant which we've never been to before and which serves up insects to children... but more on that to follow!

In the meantime, I'm drafting this late on Friday night, Steve's out and I'm going to make the most of having a bed to myself. Fingers crossed for some decent toddler sleep (by which I mean, of course: decent sleep for me).

*Our lunch was provided in exchange for giving the PLUS app a shout out, but all waffles (available throughout the mall...) and opinions are my own.

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