This Little Big Life: Winter Gardens

This Little Big Life is a linky which Louise from Squished Blueberries and I have created to celebrate the weekend/days off. It's all about photographing or videoing the little moments in life which mean a huge amount - and we'd love if you would join in. You don't have to be a parent and you don't have to be confident with your camera - you just have relish your free time.

Here's how my weekend went:

Saturday looked like this...

On Saturday, Matilda and I headed to Duthie Park for a toddler-friendly blogger meet with Anastasia, Emma, Karen and Sorsha, and Mimi and S.

Matilda and I arrived about half an hour early so we (by which I mean: "Matilda with her mother trailing behind, clinging onto the reins") spent a bit of time stomping around the park in the rain, pointing at dogs and giving a boy with a frisbee the adulation he was so determinedly trying to get from his grown ups.

When everyone else arrived, we headed into the Winter Gardens where the toddlers quickly dispersed in three different directions. Matilda spent a lot of time walking up and down the steps in the cactus house (because any steps with toddler height hand rails are heaven to her right now) and splashing in the fountain (shh! pretty sure there were signs telling us not to do that at the door!). She was soaked and filthy by the time we all convened in the coffee shop but that's often proof of us having had a great day.

This Little Big Life: Duthie Park, Aberdeen
This Little Big Life: Duthie Park Flowers
This Little Big Life: Toddlers at Duthie Park
This Little Big Life: David Welch Winter Gardens
This Little Big Life: Matilda in the Winter Gardens
This Little Big Life: Cup of Tea
This Little Big Life: Stress Star

Sunday looked like this...

On Sunday, my sister visited with her husband and young sons. We spent a couple of hours in the garden searching for snails, walking in wet grass so we could leave footprints on the path and playing with a ball, then we headed indoors for a picnic lunch.

This Little Big Life: Black cat (Polly)
This Little Big Life: Chairs
This Little Big Life: Matilda lazing

What did you get up to at the weekend? If you've blogged about it, please do link up below; I'd love if you could also tweet about the linky using the hashtag #ThisLittleBigLife and copying in me (@sarahrooftops) and Louise (@blueberriesblog).

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