This Little Big Life: Stonehaven

Welcome to week two of This Little Big Life, the linky which celebrates the weekend!

Saturday looked like this...

On Saturday, we headed to Stonehaven to meet up with Elise and Tam.

It was Matilda's first time on a train and we had hoped she would be excited by it but: no. I guess she's done too many bus journeys to be impressed by public transport.

We had a great time in Stonehaven, paddling in the sea (Matilda), digging in the sand (everybody), toddling along the beach incredibly slowly while Matilda examined absolutely everything and poking around the annual Feein' Market which was big and noisy and fun and oddly political.

This Little Big Life: Hot Chocolate
This Little Big Life: First train ride
This Little Big Life: Stonehaven
This Little Big Life: Stonehaven Adventure
This Little Big Life: Stone from Stonehaven
This Little Big Life: Feet in the seaweed
This Little Big Life: The Harbour Cafe, Stonehaven
This Little Big Life: Selfie
This Little Big Life: Curry

Sunday was a quiet day. None of us felt like venturing further than the garden so we pottered around at home. Steve and I did some weeding while Matilda followed along behind us, putting the weeds back where we had found them. It was lovely and lazy and the photos were just for us.

Find out how co-host, Louise's, weekend played out over here.

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