This Little Big Life: Celebrating the Weekend

Last week, I mentioned that Louise from Squished Blueberries and I were thinking about starting a linky celebrating the weekend and here it is!

Welcome to This Little Big Life.

Why "This Little Big Life"? Because it's the little things in life which are most important to us, which become so big that they fill our days and our thoughts and our hearts.

This Little Big Life will be a weekly linky. We're inviting you to photograph or video (or both) small moments from your weekend/days off; because we know how rushed life can be, the linky will go live the following Friday so we all have plenty of time to pull a post together! In the mean time, feel free to share images using the #ThisLittleBigLife hashtag on Twitter or Instagram.

Although Louise and I are both parents, you don't have to be a parent to join in - you just have to relish your free time! Show us what "This Little Big Life" means to you.

This weekend, Louise and I gave #ThisLittleBigLife a trial run. Here's what I photographed:

Saturday looked like this...

This Little Big Life: Toy Duck
This Little Big Life: Water Droplets, Toy Dinosaur
This Little Big Life: Me
This Little Big Life: Baby Sunflowers
This Little Big Life: Sleeping Toddler
This Little Big Life: Flowering Succulents
This Little Big Life: Homemade Pizza
This Little Big Life: Steve and Matilda

(photo of me by Steve)

Sunday looked like this...

This Little Big Life: Toddler Hands
This Little Big Life: Gizmo
This Little Big Life: Rowan tree on sunny day
This Little Big Life: Mother and Toddler Feet

Check out Louise's post here.

Do you have a weekend post to share? Or would you like to join in next week? Brilliant!

This isn't one of those linkies with a hundred rules - we know everybody's short on time and quite possibly reading this on their phones. All you have to do is share a post which captures last weekend in photos or video.

That said, we'd love if you would tweet about taking part - remember to use the hashtag #ThisLittleBigLife and copy Louise (@blueberriesblog) and me (@sarahrooftops) in!

Most importantly: linkies are only fun if people go and visit each other's blogs. Please do try to stop by any blogs which catch your eye and use the #ThisLittleBigLife tag to let them know how you found them.

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