This Is Why I Don't Usually Do Beauty Product Reviews

Weleda samples

Many, many, many weeks ago, Weleda offered to send me some samples of their products. I happily and hastily agreed (because I've wanted to try Weleda for a long time) and then utterly failed to write the review.

There are many reasons I don't tend to review toiletries or cosmetics but one of the biggies is this: I have no idea what to say beyond "yep... good stuff..."

And Weleda do make good stuff. They make natural cosmetics in an ethical manner and people are constantly raving to me about how effective their products are. Having tried them now, I have to agree: yep... good stuff...

Let's see if I can think of anything more to say...

Here's what they sent me:

Two tubes of Skin Food. Skin Food makes the sort of grand, I-do-everything claims I've long since learned to side eye. I have to say, though: I was impressed. After months of clambering around at floor level (parent of a toddler...), my knees were in a bad way; Skin Food made a noticeable difference from the first time I smeared it on. It has also helped a lot with both Steve's and my hands-that-do-dishes-feel-as-soft-as-sandpaper problem. It does have a very strong lemony scent which took a bit of getting used to, given that I almost exclusively use unscented products, but it smells fresh and clean and grew on me pretty quickly.

Almond cleansing lotion, facial cream and body wash. The scent is subtle but definitely cakey. CAKE FACIAL PRODUCTS. Yum. The body wash washes the body - not much else to say about that. The cleansing lotion and facial cream did make a noticeable difference to my face; I had been neglecting to cleanse it properly (because I don't wear make up so didn't see much point) and, as a result, my cheeks had been getting a little red. I've learnt my lesson now.

White mallow nappy cream. For Matilda, obviously. As it happens, we had never used nappy cream on Matilda (she has never had nappy rash). But, by sheer coincidence, a few weeks ago she developed a couple of very dry, red patches... eh... thereabouts so we slathered on some white mallow nappy cream. Whether or not it solved the problem, I can't say, but it was certainly a nice product to handle; it felt like it was coating the area, protecting it and moisturising. More pleasant than some of the other nappy cream samples I've opened along the way.

Calendula nappy cream and body lotion. Okay, honestly, we haven't tried this nappy cream yet (see above) although a friend of mine swears it's "the bomb". The body lotion is nice, though - absorbs well and smells pleasant.

Well, that was more words than I was anticipating.

Are you a fan of Weleda?

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