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Messy play

I'm not feeling very chipper today for obvious reasons.* I'm not going to waffle on about it because, as far as I can tell from social media, you all feel the same way I do (anxious about the future; angry at, disappointed in and ashamed of the UK; certain there must be a loophole; and desperate for my Eastern European postie to know that I voted Remain).

Back to blogging as normal:

* * *

On the subject of social media, Facebook is suddenly suggesting almost all of my blogging contacts to me as friends.

I feel the usual creeped-outedness about this. I still think of the internet as a lot of distinct groups which don't talk to each other (despite having worked in web design and maintenance for years) rather than lots of different branches of The Social [Media] Club, meeting up for cookie baking competitions. Though we all know that Instagram's going to bring along a bunch of pretty pastel macarons and put Twitter's chocolate cornflake nests to shame.

But, more than that, I feel anxious. I've been swiping through everyone's photos (being surprised by their surnames) and asking myself: "Which of these friends are Facebook friends?" If I like Instagram photos of their Salt-water Sandals and they like Instagram photos of Matilda's hands, does that mean we're close enough to like the same photos automatically posting to each other's personal Facebooks? If I send them a friend request are they going to a) feel incredibly uncomfortable about having to ignore a friend request from that overly enthusiastic blogger they once had a natter with on Twitter or b) not know who I am?

Not that I use Facebook for anything other than finding out about toddler events these days. This week has been the first time in months I've seen anybody actually post an update (so many sad face emojis) which I suppose makes the contents of my friends list pretty much irrelevant.

* * *

Speaking of toddler events, this week Matilda and I headed to a Minions-themed messy play session where she covered herself (and I do mean that literally) in purple goo and bright red paint; she had a great time but my jeans will never be the same again.

We also went to her first barbecue. It was in a massive garden with an amazing mud kitchen and has filled me with all kinds of outdoor space envy. The very next morning, I texted a friend and bribed her into taking me to the garden centre (next week) by offering to buy her cake. In the meantime, I've redoubled my efforts to keep the snails off my sunflowers (by chucking them over the wall every second day instead of every fourth).

*If you're reading this in the distant future and you've not being paying attention to your history lessons: Britain voted to leave the EU this week. Also, is wading through my 2016 1990s Scottish slang a bit like me trying to make any sense of Shakespeare?
**Actually, I'm not that bothered by Brie by "things from Etsy sellers based in the EU" wasn't quite as punchy.

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