Extra: Ordinary Moments

Cat hat

First up: thanks to everyone who's been in touch over the last few weeks to ask what's happening with Steve's job. I've been really touched! And we finally have an answer: his team are all being transferred to a different employer. So, he's still in work (for the moment - nobody's taking anything for granted in Aberdeen right now) and we can afford to have the holes in the kitchen ceiling patched up. And eat and pay the bills and stuff.

I had hoped to cobble together some sort of summer solstice blog post for next week - get Matilda to stick flowers to a paper crown or something. But I expect you all saw the weather. It was so cold here I was wearing knee high socks over my tights and drank mulled wine on Friday night; Matilda, meanwhile, was running around in nothing but a T-shirt and a pair of socks, refusing all offers of warmth. She might have my hair but her circulation is all her father's.

She is back to her normal cheerful self now. She has been practising walking along the living room windowsill (good grief), completely refusing to nap some days (with no ill effects beyond me lying on her bed, eyes closed, muttering, "Mummy's asleep; stop dropping books on my face") and laughing at the cat-shaped egg timer. She has learned to meow and spends a lot of time pretending to be a cat and trying to chat to Gizmo; I'm not sure I've ever been so proud (or laughed so hard).

In other news, I referred to our Sainsbury's delivery driver as "a very nice young man" this week. Which means that, at some point in the last year or two, I've gone from viewing floppy haired 21 year olds as potential pals and started viewing them as youngsters. Anyone who is happy to be awake at 3am is not someone I feel an affinity with, I suppose. I think I thought this would be a depressing realisation but it's actually a bit of a relief - I'm no longer at risk of being the mother who flirts with her daughter's dates and tries to con teenagers into liking me with booze.

What did you get up to this week?

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