Extra: Ordinary Moments

Teething toddler

There has been a tired, cranky toddler (and sometimes a tired, cranky mother) in our house this week. I'm not sure if she's feeling overwhelmed by her current leap (might have spoken too soon last week...?), whether she's had a bug or whether there are more molars on the way. Possibly all of the above.

Regardless, she has not been a happy kid.

She has insisted on going "outst" (new word) and on staying "outst" for an hour every morning and every afternoon but each excursion has involved a lot of plonking herself onto the ground or asking to be picked up, a devastated expression on her face.

This has not stopped her poking around in the dirt, climbing through holes in fences, tormenting snails or trying to stick feathers onto trees, though. We ran into a friend of hers in the park on Thursday and the pair of them had a great time playing a simplified version of hide and seek which only they understood (possibly it was two different simplified versions of hide and seek?).

And there has been a lot of TV. A LOT of TV. I don't know whether to be proud or ashamed that she can now sign along to much of the Mr Tumble theme song and "draw a square" when The Shapes come on.

* * *

In other news, I roped a friend into helping me assemble the new kitchen sideboard (this one). After all those months of procrastinating ("we don't want to wake Matilda..." "what if Matilda swallows a camlock?") it only took an hour and a half and it looks fantastic. I even (*gasp*) found the time and motivation to move things into it (and to throw out all the baking ingredients which were best before Matilda was born).

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