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Matilda trying on wellies

Last week, I splurged. I paid somebody to come and deep clean our kitchen and bathroom. Forget feeling middle class (I'm past thinking there's anything romantic about poverty. Been there, done that, couldn't afford the T-shirt), this made me feel middle aged. I'm at a point where I not only care that our home is covered in a thin layer of inexplicably sticky grime but I care enough to spend what little money we have on getting it sorted instead of on dresses and shoes.

On the other hand, having spent several months trying and failing to clean things up ourselves, I also feel like a bit of a failure as an adult. There's only so long we can blame the baby-who-is-no-longer-a-baby.

* * *

That bit where I implied I wasn't buying dresses and shoes? It was a distortion of the facts. I (amazingly) had a little money this week and three child-free hours in which to spend it. I've never been a big fan of shopping but this was possibly my most stressful experience of it yet: I must make the most of this opportunity and find nice things which are decent quality and fit me in ways which don't make me feel self-conscious and go with other things in my wardrobe and I must remember that those nice things need to include a pair of shoes.

I did not buy a pair of shoes. I also couldn't find any T-shirts or tops I liked. And the pair of jeans I bought is identical to the one pair I already owned because I couldn't face the trauma of trying on unfamiliar styles. What are "girlfriend" jeans, anyway? My female friends all wear what look suspiciously like the same straight leg indigo style from M&S that I do.

* * *

I did buy a pair of wellies, though. They're from Seasalt on Wendy's recommendation. They have raindrops on them. I love them.

* * *

Steve and I have just discovered Episodes on Netflix. I could have sworn I saw Tamsin Greig promoting the first season on telly just before Matilda was born (you know: when we didn't actually have a telly) but apparently it's several years old now. Anyway, it's the first thing we've binge watched since becoming parents - it's awesome. Have you seen it?

* * *

In other news, Matilda's into another developmental leap. It's the one in which she learns about rules. So far, all is going well. She spends a lot of time laughing to herself for unfathomable reasons and dragging her rocking horse from room to room. She's finally letting us sit in the chair at the far side of her room at bedtime instead of hovering inches from her face and every time she resists doing something she's not supposed to (mostly cat-related) she shakes her head and says, "No. Good girl."

She's also been sleeping well but we won't say too much about that because if anything can make a person superstitious it's wishing for some uninterrupted kip.

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