The Rooftops Family Fortnight of Fun

Rooftops Family on the Castlegate

Steve has had the last two weeks off work and it's been awesome.*

We celebrated Matilda's actual birthday at the park, as a family of three. We also had a small party for her - the three of us, four grandparents, one auntie, one uncle, two cousins, four other toddlers and their assorted parents chucking toys and wrapping paper around three rooms in our flat. Gizmo even put in an appearance. Matilda had no idea what all the fuss was about but had a great time, crashed out for a very long nap afterwards and spent the next few days investigating all of her wonderful gifts.

Here are some of the other highlights:

The Beach

We took Matilda to the beach - actually onto the beach not just to the weird concrete play park next to it - and she loved it. She would have run off to join the mermaids if we hadn't kept a firm grip on her. She was less impressed by me drawing things in the sand.

The Brutalist Playground

On the subject of weird concrete play parks and art appreciation, we visited the Brutalist Playground at Peacock Visual Arts. At its simplest, it's a green-and-coral soft play inspired by brutalist architecture. I'm fascinated by "ugly" architecture and Matilda's fascinated by having fun so it was always going to be a hit with us. We had a great time going on the (very steep, very fast) slide and stomping around on the squishy floor. It's in town until 29th May, it's free and I recommend other families head along to play.


We took Matilda and Steve's parents (actually took them - Steve faced his fears and drove a car containing his child) to Aberdeen Science Centre (formerly Satrosphere). It's technically aimed at slightly older children so we weren't sure what Matilda would make of it but she spent the first hour gazing at a swarming school party and then a good long time racing between the few exhibits she could figure out for herself. It was a big hit; she protested when we eventually left.

Family Visits

My dad was over from the States on his annual flash tour of Scottish friends and family; he spent two nights with us just before Matilda's birthday. The rest of the family were up a few days later (staying in hotels). It was lovely to see everyone in such a short space of time.

The Usual Toddler Groups

It's always fun to take Steve along to Matilda's favourite groups - suddenly he understands what all the fuss about "that big spiky ball" is.

And The Park

There's always the park.

*Although he did find out a few days ago that's he's likely to face redundancy soon. As wonderful as it is being together all the time, we do need a family income so if anybody knows of any IT Desktop Support jobs in Aberdeen - or any particularly well paid creative comms jobs for me - let me know!

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