A Vegetarian in a Seafood Restaurant: Adelphi Kitchen Review

Adelphi Kitchen Aberdeen Review

As a vegetarian (of twenty-five years now!), I tend to assume that there's no point in me going to "meat and seafood" restaurants. Yes, they'll have a veggie option, but it's generally either salad or chips.

I had always assumed that the Adelphi Kitchen was one of those off-limits places, but my invite to a recent bloggers' tasting event promised that they would cater for everyone.

And spoiler alert: they did.

Adelphi Kitchen: Aberdeen Bloggers Meet Up
Adelphi Kitchen Aberdeen: Heather in a Bottle Decor

Located down the Adelphi, the restaurant is only a couple of years old, but already one of Aberdeen's best loved offerings. It's easy to see why with a stylish look (most of the decor is made from old scaffolding planks), fresh produce and a menu which Head Chef, Murray, strives to keep one step ahead of trends.

Also: there are cocktails.

On arrival, we were all given a raspberry and elderflower fizz (or non-alcoholic alternative) which, at the risk of befuddling you with all my fancy foodie terminology, tasted like fizzy raspberry jelly. To be clear: I mean that as a very good thing.

Adelphi Kitchen Aberdeen: Fruity Cocktail

While the carnivores tucked into their seafood, we vegetarians (Karen, Laura and me) were given macaroni as starters.

Now, I know a lot of vegetarians complain about macaroni being a staple restaurant option but I have never had an issue with that. I would live on macaroni if my doctor didn't so strongly object. But I have often told Steve off for messing with my macaroni: it should be squidgy, cheesy and not have any flipping lumps of vegetables stirred into it, thankyouverymuch.

The Adelphi Kitchen macaroni does have flipping lumps of shallots plonked on top of it but somehow I didn't mind (and, believe me: I would tell you if I did!). It was also nicely mustardy. It passed... mustard? I'd order it again.

Adelphi Kitchen: Vegetarian Main, Macaroni
Adelphi Kitchen: Aberdeen Bloggers Meet Up

Between courses, we were given the chance to peek around the kitchen. Apparently it's a very light, airy kitchen, compared to most restaurant kitchens; certainly, the chefs were grinning away as we snapped their pictures.

Adelphi Kitchen Aberdeen: Chefs

We also checked out the toilets which were nice enough that we all went back in with our cameras. Yeah, bloggers, eh? Here I am with Mairi, who I hadn't met before but really enjoyed chatting to:

Adelphi Kitchen Aberdeen: Even the Toilets are Awesome

As a main, we veggies were given cheese and mustard puff pastry rolls served with three different takes on cauliflower plus broccoli, sweet potato and wild garlic flowers on top. One take on cauliflower is too much for me but the rest was lovely - and who knew wild garlic flowers were edible?!

Adelphi Kitchen: Vegetarian Main, Pastry

Finally, we had samples of all three desserts: popcorn pannacotta (the only option which isn't veggie-friendly); lemon meringue pie; and chocolate mousse cake. A big thumbs up all round.

We also had the house cocktail: bourbon, apple, ginger and lime. It was amazing.

Adelphi Kitchen Aberdeen: Dessert Samples
Adelphi Kitchen Aberdeen: House Cocktail

So: the Adelphi Kitchen? Great food, stunning cocktails, a laidback, stylish feel and enough veggie options that you need never feel guilty about inviting non-carnivores along.

Our meals were provided by The Adelphi Kitchen in exchange for honest reviews; all opinions are my own.

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