Family Friendly Dining (and a Blogger Meet!)

Sarah Rooftops - Giraffe Aberdeen Review: Colouring

Last Sunday was not the most promising day. Matilda was cutting molars. Naps had been a weepy, urgent, 12-noon-on-the-dot-or-utter-disaster mess since her MMR a week earlier. Nobody had slept well the night before. It was one of those days when we didn't really want to leave the house and we definitely didn't want to go anywhere public.

However, we had been invited to have lunch at Giraffe in Union Square and we do like tasty food so we pulled on our coats, shoes and brave faces and made the trek into town.

And we were very glad we did.

Sarah Rooftops - Giraffe Aberdeen Review: Giraffes

Steve and I have been fans of Giraffe since it first opened in Aberdeen. It's tradition that, whenever we cat-sit for friends in the city centre, we pour out the cat biscuits, dole out some attention and then pop past Giraffe for brunch.

Now that Matilda's here, we have a new tradition: family lunches at Giraffe after meeting my mum at the railway station.

So we were more than happy to give the new spring/summer menu a go.

Sarah Rooftops - Giraffe Aberdeen Review: Balloon

It turned out we needn't have worried about Matilda's potentially cranky tiredness; she was given a balloon on arrival at the restaurant and was soon waving it around so wildly that I couldn't get a single in focus photo!

She also had crayons and colouring in to keep her entertained (although Steve and I might have hogged those a bit...).

Sarah Rooftops - Giraffe Aberdeen Review: Olives

Meanwhile, Steve and I were given bowls of olives and edamame to keep us going while we chose what to order. I did my annual olive reappraisal, established that they're still an abomination and slid that bowl across to Steve; we did share the edamame, though.

Sarah Rooftops - Giraffe Aberdeen Review: Toddler Milk
Sarah Rooftops - Giraffe Aberdeen Review: Appetiser

Because we weren't sure how long Matilda was going to cope for, we got all of the appetisers and mains at once. In fact, we were given the option to have Matilda's meal brought out a little ahead of the rest, because little kids are not widely known for their patience.

Steve's appetiser was prawn saganaki (pictured above) which is king prawns cooked in garlic, chilli, wine and tomato sauce with feta and toasted Turkish bread. Mine was a garlic flatbread roughly the size of our living room.

Sarah Rooftops - Giraffe Aberdeen Review: Goan Curry

My main was vegetarian goan curry (oof! hot!) (pictured above), while Steve had slow-cooked jerk ribs (below). We both really enjoyed everything we ate - it was all full of flavour and we couldn't fault either the cooking or presentation.

Sarah Rooftops - Giraffe Aberdeen Review: Ribs
Sarah Rooftops - Giraffe Aberdeen Review: Breaded Fish Fingers

Matilda, meanwhile, had breaded fish fingers with baked beans and chips. She would happily have eaten anything on the kids' menu but we went for the option with the least potential for mess!

While we raced to eat our meals as fast as we could in case she realised it was past 12 noon and she still wasn't asleep, she cheerfully grazed her plate for an hour and a half.

Sarah Rooftops - Giraffe Aberdeen Review: Decor
Sarah Rooftops - Giraffe Aberdeen Review: Happy
Sarah Rooftops - Giraffe Aberdeen Review: Distracted Toddler

It turned out that our potentially disastrous Sunday was a huge success.

Matilda was so happy waving her balloon around, shovelling beans into her mouth and staring at other babies (there were a lot of other babies; we saw a lot of Matilda's back as she craned to see them all) that she completely forgot she was tired and unhappy about her teeth.

By the end of the meal, there was only one more thing she needed to know: when can I come back again?

Sarah Rooftops - Giraffe Aberdeen Review: Toddler


In my case, the answer to that question was "Wednesday" when I had a great time at an Aberdeen bloggers' meet along with: Amey; Anastasia; Denise; Emma; Eni; Hannah; Jo; Karen; Katherine; Laura; Laura; Lauren; Mairi; and Sarah.

I had a berry bellini, vegetarian bowl for the soul and churros - and they were all great!

Giraffe Review: Berry bellini
Giraffe Review: Veggie bowl for the soul
Giraffe Review: Churros

*Our meals were provided by Giraffe in return for a review; all opinions are our own.

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