Extra: Ordinary Moments

Matilda, perched on table

We had gorgeous, glorious weather from Monday to Thursday this week. Matilda and I spent a lot of time outdoors swinging on swings, sliding on slides, waving bubble wands around (and breaking them), trying to steal other children's buggies (just one of us - I'm quite happy with our cheap-o three-wheeler), hurling ourselves head first out of the baby swings, getting smacked in the face by a football... yeah... there's been the odd heart-stopping moment. Luckily, Matilda seems oblivious to pain and indignity and has saved her crying fits for more traumatic things (like not being allowed to eat crayons).

We also met our neighbours' new puppy, a tiny, silky, bouncy little black creature who I think is a mix of spaniel and labrador. She and Matilda were completely smitten with each other (although Matilda, somewhat ironically, wasn't keen on being slobbered on and the puppy wasn't keen on the football Matilda kept waving around). I think they'll grow up to be great pals.

Come Friday, the weather turned wild, Matilda was adamant that she wanted to stay at home and watch telly, and I was quite happy to oblige. Two different neighbours dropped by with homegrown rhubarb for us (suggestions of recipes welcomed).

Steve and I are feeling full of gardening motivation at the moment - we've flicked through our Gardening Through the Year book and everything; I even deadheaded some daffodils. It's a shame it's a blowing a gale this weekend as we might otherwise have made a bit of an effort. Instead, we've been eating pizza, watching Eurovision (at least, that's the plan - I wrote this on Saturday afternoon so assuming the satellite dish doesn't get blown off the chimney or anything...) and failing to assemble our new kitchen storage for the eighth week running.

What have you been up to?

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