Extra: Ordinary Moments

Matilda on a roundabout

This week, Matilda has had a blurt of new words. Please, again, book, boot, bath, peekaboo (for which I blame/thank the Twirlywoos) and there you are (used both when giving and receiving) have all appeared.

But, most importantly, she's learned "yes" and "no" and she knows how to use them.

She can tell us whether or not she would like to go to the park. She can tell us whether or not she wants to go home (without standing pointedly next to her buggy, brandishing her jacket). She tells us that yes, she had fun, yes, she would like a fresh nappy, no, she does not want her face washed (*sigh*).

It takes a lot of the guesswork out of parenting (Why is she pointing at the fridge?) and, I would think, a lot of the frustration out of being parented (Just give me a Babybel already!).

But it's not all that simple.

She's sleepy but she doesn't want a nap. She's hungry but she doesn't want food.

In those respects, she's just like her mother but she doesn't know it yet.

I'm tired and I've had enough of looking at a screen but I don't want to switch off, get up from the sofa and go to bed. Somebody needs to gently remove this Chromebook and lead me through to the bathroom to brush my teeth (but, sadly, Steve's gone to the cinema).

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