First Birthday Gift Inspiration

Matilda's first birthday is less than a week away (I know!!!!!) so spoiling her (or, more accurately: her grandparents spoiling her) has been very much on my mind.

As luck would have it - and entirely coincidentally - several baby brands were also in the mood to spoil her. Over the past week, we have received parcel after parcel of wonderful gifts for Matilda and we have been (genuinely!) thrilled by each and every one of them.

If you're looking for baby and toddler gift inspiration, here are some brands to check out:

Cheeky Chompers

Cheeky Chompers Chewy hippo and neckerchomp
Set up by two Scottish mums, Cheeky Chompers is an award winning company making stylish, effective teething products.

Matilda has a bunch more teeth on the way (look at those rosy cheeks!) so her new "neckerchew" bandana bib and squeaky hippo teether arrived at the perfect time.

The neckerchew is beautifully soft and Matilda has been having a good chomp on the teething end. There are loads of designs to choose from from simple stripes to dinosaurs to special designs from Joules. A really clever idea.

As for Chewy the hippo, I love him! Oh... yeah... and Matilda does, too... In a world of giraffes, Chewy is a teether guaranteed to be noticed. Not only is he soft, squeaky and easy for babies to hold, he also comes with a velcro strap so he can be securely attached to buggies and the like. He is utterly adorable. My go-to new baby gift from now on, I think!


Frugi summer outfit: tunic and shorts
Frugi summer outfit print
How sweet is this?!

Frugi is a brand I had heard a lot about but had never actually tried myself/Matildaself. They do gorgeous organic clothing, support a range of charities and are currently sending free wildflower seeds with all UK orders.

When Matilda was little, she grew so fast that I bought the cheapest of the cheap clothes; now that she's staying in one size for a decent amount of time, I'll be treating her to some more outfits from Frugi. The clothes are cute styles, the prints are adorable and - going by the gorgeous outfit we received - the quality is brilliant. I can hardly wait for her to wear this when the weather gets a little better!

Kokoso Baby

Kokoso coconut oil

Founded by a mother searching for effective, natural products for her baby's dry skin, Kokoso Baby is a pure, organic coconut oil made only from coconuts grown on one, family-run farm in Thailand.

Coconut oil is a bit of a miracle all-rounder: it moisturises, cleanses, heals and soothes skin. All without any added chemicals.

I had used coconut oil on Matilda before (we found it good for her cradle cap) so was pleased to receive another tub. The Kokoso Baby oil is particularly nice to smell and to hold, and it's reassuring to be able to find out so much about its origins.


Piupia sweater with dotty fish
Piupia sweater elbow patches

This sweater from Piupia arrived at the perfect moment: Matilda was wiped out because of a nasty virus (doesn't she look shattered, poor toot?!) and I was scouring her wardrobe for something snuggly and comforting to dress her in. She has several sweaters already but most of them are rough on the inside; this one is incredibly soft.

Isn't it adorable, too? I love the elbow patches!

The sweater is actually a size smaller than Matilda currently wears but fits her perfectly; I imagine her standard size would be nicely slouchy and last her for ages!

Piupia was created by Portugese artist, Claudia Carvalho, after the birth of her own child; she's passionate about the quality of the clothes and each piece has her distinctive artistic style.

The autumn/winter collection is currently on sale so now's a great time to stock up.

Belle and Boo

Belle and Boo book and framed print

Belle and Boo are Just.So.Cute.

I already knew the brand (I've got a roll of Belle and Boo parcel tape I've been eking out for about six years now!) but hadn't realised just how wide a range of products they do, from pretty dresses to paper plates, bubble bath to bibs.

Belle and Boo illustrations are sweet and sentimental but not too much so - they depict the sort of idyllic, outdoorsy childhood which you know involves both daisy crowns and scabby knees; exactly the sort of childhood I'd love for Matilda to have.

This framed print will look lovely in Matilda's room and the book (thank you so much for the specific birthday gift, Belle and Boo!) is being saved for Thursday - it's beautiful.


Thanks so much to all the brands who sent gifts for Matilda - we absolutely love everything we received. Thanks also to The Bloggers Hangout for arranging it all.

All products mentioned were provided for the purposes of review. All opinions are honest and my own, gushing though they are.

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