Extra: Ordinary Moments

Extra: Ordinary Moments

This week has been a tough one.

Perhaps inevitably, after me blogging about other people's kids being sick, Matilda came down with a bug at the start of the week. She was running a temperature and slept for more or less 60 hours straight, waking up now and then just long enough to eat something squishy and take more Calpol. Since then, she's been napping a lot more than usual and wobbling around, toppling into things; to top it all off, she's now covered in a rather spectacular rash. We have a polka dot baby.

That would have been tiring enough but then I caught the bug, too. I had a bit of help from a neighbour one morning but, otherwise, there were a couple of days of struggling to stay awake and of handing her over to Steve the moment he got home from work. We were soon regretting having let the Mummy-must-do-my-bedtime thing run on for so long; this was not the week to spring changes on her.

So, nope, not the best seven days but we're both on the mend now.

And, in other good news: we've got Steve at home with us for the next two weeks and all sorts of family visits and fun things planned. Now to stuff us all full of vitamin C...

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