Toddler Togs: Leap Day

Toddler Togs: BHS dress
Dress: BHS

One last outfit post from February. I love this dress so much.

Contrary to what this photo might suggest, Matilda was very much on the go last week. She and Steve are both feeling much better (I'm still exhausted after a fortnight of looking after them, though!), she seems to have fully dropped down to one nap a day (for now...) and, to be honest, I think I packed our calendar a little bit too full.

Still, it's been a lot of fun. We've seen friends, started our tour of every toddler group within walking distance of home, had a blast at baby gym and been for a few meanders around our street.

Steve was working yesterday afternoon so it wasn't much of a first Mother's Day. I'm not particularly interested in the day itself but I could have done with a bit of time to myself and a little spoiling. On the bright side, my own mum's coming to visit today so I'll be able to hand Matilda over and have a cup of tea.

I'm still figuring out what I want to do about baby outfit posts in the future (if anything). Suggestions very much welcomed!

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