Melt Aberdeen: Toastie Takeaway

Mechelle, Melt Aberdeen

This woman is a genius. A genius.

Meet Mechelle Clark, the brains behind Aberdeen's new toastie takeaway, Melt.

Yes, you read that right: a dedicated toastie takeaway. Check out the menu:

Melt Aberdeen Menu

I have it on good authority (Mechelle), that the vegan option is going to have beer in it. A toastie takeaway with alcoholic toasties? What did I tell you? Genius.

Anyway, Melt - which is up the top end of Holburn Street - opened its doors last Tuesday. Such was the opening day success that it closed them again an hour later, having completely sold out of food.

But it opened them again on Wednesday and, on Thursday, some fellow bloggers and I headed along to the official launch. And ate a lot of very tasty toasties. A LOT of very tasty toasties.

Melt Aberdeen Toastie Takeaway
Melt Aberdeen Toastie Takeaway
Christy from Dinner Stories

And that photo right there captures why Christy is awesome.

I'm full of the love in this post. It's all the cheese making me... uh... cheesy...? Sorry... Yeah... Here's another blogger I think is awesome, popping up in the back of my selfie:

Two Sarahs at Melt Aberdeen

Isn't that wallpaper amazing? Melt is surprisingly stylish for a takeaway, oozing with full of vintage finds.

Melt Aberdeen toastie takeaway vintage decor

Can I find any downsides to Melt? Well, it's inconveniently far from my flat... but I appreciate that that might not seem like a problem to anybody else (not even Steve, who works nearby).

Otherwise, nope, if you're looking for hot, oozy, cheesy food in Aberdeen, head to Melt.

And pick me up a Choc & Cheese while you're at it.

Melt Aberdeen toastie takeaway vintage decor

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