Toddler Togs: Week Two

Week two of February's photograph-all-of-Matilda's-outfits challenge!

Off to the park
Toddler Togs: Robin Tunic
Tunic: MiniClub at Boots
Jeggings: George at Asda
Socks (one has a mouse on, one has a cat): Marks and Spencer

Lazy day
Toddler Togs: Super Powers Tee
"I have super powers" T-shirt: Next (girls' section - hurrah!)
Leggings: Marks and Spencer
Socks: Next (I think)

Baby gym
Toddler Togs: Corduroy Pinafore
Dinosaur print jumper: M&Co (boys' section)
Corduroy pinafore and tights: Sainsburys (came as a set)

Library outing
Toddler Togs: Tootsa McGinty animal dress
Dress: Tootsa MacGinty
Tights: MiniClub at Boots
Bookbug Sticker: Matilda's own

Off on an adventure with her dad
Toddler Togs: Zebra leggings
Top: Tu at Sainsburys
Leggings: M&Co (M&Co leggings are enormous)

Baby birthday party
Toddler Togs: Tropical bird dress
Long-sleeved vest: La Redoute
Dress: Boden
Tights: MiniClub at Boots

Shoe shopping in the snow
Toddler Togs: Snowman tights
Jumper: Nutmeg at Morrisons (boys' section)
Dress: MiniClub at Boots
Snowman tights: Next

Things she has learned or done this week:
  • Walking further
  • Walking with her push-along walker
  • Walking home from the library (holding one hand the whole way)
  • Pushing her trike over to the sofa/armchair/table (i.e. the cats' safe spots) and using it as a step so she can climb up onto them
  • Climbing the stairs (I think she could have done this a while ago, if we had let her)
  • Trying to spoonfeed the cats
  • Showing the cats her toys (good strategy but they still aren't keen on her)
  • Climbing back into bed after rolling out (more on that tomorrow...)
  • Pulling wipes out of the packet and dropping them into the open nappy sack (unused)
  • That I need to unfasten the harness and unwind her arms before I can take her out of the buggy; I'm not just faffing around to prolong her torment
  • And she was measured for her first pair of shoes. She really enjoyed the trip to the shoe shop (there was a train running back and forth along one wall and lots of low level mirrors) and didn't mind having shoes on her feet at all.
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