Toddler Togs: Week Three

Week three of February's photograph-all-of-Matilda's-outfits challenge. (Are people enjoying these? Should I keep doing something along these lines after February?)

As I said yesterday, Matilda's been unwell this week so here are seven days of a pale child sitting around our living room:

Toddler Togs: Say Roar Jumper
"Say Roar" Jumper: Next (boys' section)
Spotty dress: La Redoute
Tights: MiniClub at Boots

Toddler Togs: Button back jumper
Jumper (black cat on the front): La Redoute
Dress: BHS
Tights: Possibly Nutmeg at Morrison's...?

Toddler Togs: Mouse tights
Dress: F&F at Tesco

Toddler Togs: Dinosaur Dress
Dress: T-shirt upcycled by Elise
Bodysuit: Marks & Spencer
Spotty leggings: M&Co
Socks: Disposed of by Matilda

Toddler Togs: Penguin jumper
Penguin jumper: Tu at Sainsburys
Horse print dress: MiniClub at Boots
Tights: MiniClub at Boots

Toddler Togs: Cats Rule Dress
"Who Rules the World? CATS" Dress: Next
Tights: MiniClub at Boots

Toddler Togs: Fluffy hoodie
Fluffy rabbit print hoodie: M&Co (She has this in a bigger size, too, as my mum and I both bought it for her!)
Dinosaur T-shirt: Marks & Spencer (boy's section)
Jeggings: George at Asda
Socks: Not sure...
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