Toddler Togs: Week One

On the 31st of January, Elise messaged me saying that she wanted to see more photos of Matilda's clothes. "Is she too wriggly for that now?" she asked.

Well... yes... getting good photos of Matilda is a bit of a challenge at the moment - she's either curled up asleep in my arms or she's on the move (often straight towards my phone or camera). But I do like a challenge so, every day in February, I'm going to try to get a picture of her outfit.

Here's week one:

Hanging out with her dad 
Toddler Togs: Upcycled dinosaur dress
Dress: T-shirt upcycled by Elise (I had to start with this one!)
T-shirt: Tu at Sainsburys
Tights: I think these came with a dress from Debenhams which she has long since outgrown

Hiding from a storm
Toddler Togs: Giggle Jumper
Jumper: Nutmeg at Morrisons (boys' section)
Leggings: MiniClub at Boots
Socks: MiniClub at Boots (I think...)

Baby gym (dressing warm as it's cooooold in there!)
Toddler Togs: Fleece dress
Fleece-lined tunic: La Redoute
Shorts: George at Asda
Tights: Marks & Spencer

Playdate with friends
Toddler Togs: Heart dress
Dress and tights: MiniClub at Boots

Very sleepy day at home
Toddler Togs: Cats Rule dress
Dress ("Who Rules the World? CATS"): Next
Tights: MiniClub at Boots

Family Outing
Toddler Togs: Caturday T-shirt
Original Outfit
T-shirt and leggings: Next
Toddler Togs: Frankenstein's Monster
After deciding she could wash her own face, thankyouverymuch
Little Monster romper: George at Asda
Toddler Togs: Outdoor Clothes
Outdoor Clothes
Coat: Tu at Sainsburys
Hat: John Lewis
Legwarmers: Cheerupcrafts on Etsy
Boots: Jojo Maman Bebe

Hanging out with her dad
Toddler Togs: Handknit Cardigan
Cardigan: Knitted by my mum
"D for Dino" T-shirt: Marks & Spencer (boys' section)
Leggings: M&Co
Socks: No idea. One of the supermarkets.

In the past, I've only done Matilda updates every three months (twelve weeks, six months, nine months) but she's learning so much at the moment that I feel like I could do one daily. It's quite incredible witnessing the speed at which she's developing. Here are some of the things she's learned or started to do in the space of this week alone:
  • Saying "Mumma", "Hiya" and "Hello"
  • Dancing by herself (she currently prefers this to be bounced along to music which is good news for my back!)
  • Feeding me. She has pretended to feed me with a fork, has fed me a slice of toast and has held her water cup up to my mouth for me to drink out of.
  • Pretending to brush Steve's hair 
  • Washing our faces during her bath
  • Trying to wash her own face (see outfit change above...!)
  • Sucking food off individual fingers
  • Pointing at things which interest her
  • Standing really steadily
  • Taking four unaided steps. Four!
  • Fetching her Upsy Daisy toy when she watched In the Night Garden
  • Opening and closing doors and drawers - this can entertain her for about twenty minutes at the moment
  • Not begging for other people's food if she has been told "No"
  • Taking snacks out of the bag by herself
  • Crawling under low tables and chairs
  • Taking a wooden jigsaw apart carefully and studying each of the pieces
  • Carrying one shoe for me when I was putting her outdoor clothes away in her room
  • Sitting on my lap while she's playing or watching TV
  • Picking soft toys out of her toy box (she has always selected hard toys in the past)
  • Pretending to spoonfeed her toy monkey
  • Babbling while she turns the pages of books as if she's pretending to read a story
  • Trying to put the lid on her milk bottle
  • Trying to load up her own spoon
She has also got her seventh tooth this week and seems to be going through her nine month growth spurt (which is good as she is at that point where one set of trousers is too snug on her but the next size up hangs off her). 

I'm so excited to find out what next week has in store.
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