Extra: Ordinary Moment


After a week of Matilda going through first a cold and then a tummy bug, I was hoping things would be easier this week. Alas, Steve stumbled home sick on Monday night, went straight to bed and didn't get back out for several days. He's a much easier patient than Matilda (because he understands how the bathroom works and can tell me whether or not to prepare him any food) but, with him out of action, all of the parenting, cooking, cleaning and ensuring the cats don't feel too neglected fell to me. Kudos to single parents - I am absolutely knackered! Our neighbour took Matilda for a couple of hours on Friday morning and I spent most of that time asleep.

We suspected Steve had caught Matilda's tummy bug but a GP friend advised keeping her away from other babies all week just in case. Matilda has taken this in her stride, rediscovering all the brightly coloured lumps of plastic at the bottom of her toy boxes; I'm the one who has been suffering from cabin fever.

We have had some trips to the park so Matilda could practise her walking in a big, squishy open space. Whoever came up with the phrase "it's a walk in the park" had obviously never taken one with a toddling ten month old; at all times, I had one hand clinging on to hers, the other removing twigs and leaves from her mouth and my eyes on the buggy at the far side of the 5 acre field. She, meanwhile, was joyously careering towards all the boggiest areas whilst waving sticks at fierce looking dogs.

We also headed into town (after her quarantine period!) and spent a solid hour walking around and around the kids' area in the Bon Accord Centre while she tried to steal another baby's bottle of milk, an old lady's walking stick and somebody else's very fancy buggy.

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