Extra: Ordinary Moment

Matilda surrounded by toys and things she's not supposed to play with

This has been a pretty horrendous kind of a week.

I'm using "horrendous" in the self-absorbed stay-at-home-mum kind of way; nobody ended up in hospital and we still have a home to live in (albeit one with several new curtain hooks thanks to a toddler-invoked yanking incident...).

Matilda has been poorly all week which means she has grumbled a lot, refused most of her food, been attached to at least one of my fingers at all times and insisted on listening to Steve Lamacq. I have handled this with as much patience and dignity as you might expect (by which I mean: just enough that Steve didn't have to work from home but not enough to feel proud of myself).

I had agreed to look after one of Matilda's friends for a couple of hours on Tuesday and it was a complete disaster; Matilda did not want to share my attention and her friend did not want to be left with us. There was a lot of howling from both of them.

By Thursday, I was exhausted, too. I burst into tears in the local chemist when the pharmacist acted as though I was trying to give Matilda poison for a bit of a laugh, rather than infant paracetamol to lower her temperature. I'm now too embarrassed to go back there because it was one thing for them to have known about my gastroenteritis but quite another for them to know that I have emotions.

Yesterday, Steve took Matilda out for a few hours and left me with strict instructions to do "no more than one productive thing". And it was lovely. For me. Less so for Steve who discovered Matilda was still poorly in the middle of the John Lewis cafe.

So. Yeah. Fingers crossed for a better day today...!

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