The Book of You

The Book of You (review)

You all know how much I love a list of ways to feel happier (like this one or this one or this one) so when I was offered a review copy of The Book of You I jumped at the chance.

A collection of 365 small ways to improve your life, The Book of You has a suggestion for every day of the year. Except for the extra day this year. But you should be spending that leaping around on trampolines, pogo sticks and rumpled beds - what more inspiration do you need?

The Book of You is a gorgeous, surprisingly chunky book. Each suggestion includes a brief explanation of why it should be helpful along with a tick box for readers to mark it as complete (I do love a tick box).

The suggestions fall into four categories: food; mind; move; and love (which covers all of your relationships, not just the romantic ones). They're not dated so don't need to be started on the first of January or completed in order; they don't even need to be completed one at a time.

Personally, I won't be working through this one day at a time. Having taken part in several daily/weekly feelgood projects already, I know that feeling obliged to do something every day - no matter how fun or positive or rewarding - eventually causes me stress. Point completely defeated. But I will be dipping into it throughout the year when I'm looking for inspiration. If I can ever get it back off Steve, that is...

And, for the purposes of this review, I've taken the first fourteen suggestions in order, one day at time.

As a result I've: remembered to make Matilda's thank you cards; felt smug about how much fruit and wholemeal pasta I already eat; likewise water; made a couple of medical appointments; cracked on with a few tiny things which were needing done around the house; and arranged to start a yoga class with some neighbours. Steve and I have also consciously worked meal planning and online shopping into our weekly schedule. Not bad going for the first fourteen days of the year!

For a little try-before-you-buy, you could download YOU-app. Like the book, YOU-app gives daily suggestions for making yourself healthier and happier, along with an opportunity to share photographs of what you did. It's like an insanely positive Instagram.

But for the full, glossy, looks-brilliant-on-your-bedside-table experience, it has to be the book. A potential project or just fun to flick through, this is lovely to own and would be wonderful to give as a birthday gift.

Has anybody else got a copy?

I was given a copy of The Book of You to review. All opinions are my own.

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