Dinner at Jamie's Italian

Dinner at Jamie's Italian - Slightly Tipsy

Earlier this week, Steve and I headed out for real food in a real restaurant with a real lack of baby! We were giddy with the freedom - so giddy that apparently we couldn't focus the camera. Still, I look like I'm having fun, right?

We were guests at Jamie's Italian in Aberdeen city centre and very excited we were about it, too.

Our old flat was so close to Jamie's that we watched the entire renovation (from tatty old department store into glossy, funky new restaurant) out of our kitchen window. Because of this, we've got a special fondness for the place: "Aw, look at its light fittings! Remember when it first got them? It looked so proud in all its shiny brightness..." etc.

So we had both been to Jamie's Italian before but not for quite some time. Fancy meals out haven't been happening for a while...

Dinner at Jamie's Italian - Craft Beer

We soon discovered that the menu has completely changed so everything we ordered was new to us.

Steve had been pondering having one of the signature cocktails but when he found out that Jamie's has its own craft beer, he had to give that a try.

Meanwhile, I had a lovely, spicy montepulciano (that's red wine for those of you - like me - who only pretend to know which wine glass is which).

Dinner at Jamie's Italian - Starter

The Starters
Crab and Avocado Bruschetta (above)
Ultimate Garlic Bread (below)

I am not above eating nothing but a stick of garlic bread for dinner when nobody's around to judge me so I had to find out what made the Ultimate Garlic Bread worthy of its name. Using my in depth culinary knowledge, I established: "it tastes more garlicky than buttery - it's good".

Dinner at Jamie's Italian - Ultimate Garlic Bread

Dinner at Jamie's Italian - Mushroom Risotto

The Mains
Wild Mushroom and Winter Greens Risotto (above)
Turkey Milanese (below)

It's not often I struggle to choose what to order; I always say easy decisions are one of the benefits of being vegetarian. At Jamie's, I was swithering between five different things... but it didn't surprise Steve that the risotto won; I do love a good risotto.

Steve, meanwhile, was surprised when his dish turned out to be a slab of meat rather than some delicate little thing surrounded by greenery. Once he got past his guilt at not having much salad, he really enjoyed it.

Dinner at Jamie's Italian - Salmon

Dinner at Jamie's Italian - Desserts

Sour Cherry Frangipane
Lemon Cheesecake

We had both narrowed our dessert options down to the same two possibilities so ended up helping ourselves to forkfuls of each other's food.

We had a great time at Jamie's. The food was fantastic but, more than that, the staff were all absolutely lovely, the music was good and clever lighting made our table feel nice and private.

We were at the restaurant for a little under two hours and talked about all the things - big and small - which we don't often have the uninterrupted time (or energy) for since becoming parents.

It was so nice to get out on a proper date again - thanks so much to the team at Jamie's Italian for giving us that treat!

DISCLAIMER: Our meal was provided for the purposes of review but all opinions are our own.

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