January: Past, Present

January: Past, Present

January last year was quiet. There was a visit from my mum, some help from friends getting Matilda's room ready and a very mini Burns supper.

But I did do a lot of blogging. Here are the highlights:
January: Past, Present

This January looks quiet, too. It's that time of year, isn't it? Everybody's cosied up indoors, recovering from the chaos and expense of Christmas, taking the time to mull over what they want to do with their year (and their lives).

I'm not making any wishes or resolutions for 2016. It's too unpredictable. I can't imagine how Matilda's going to grow and change over the coming year - she will be nine months old this month; she will be twenty-one months old next January and I don't have even the vaguest picture in my head of what a twenty-one month old is like.

How is your January looking?

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