Extra: Ordinary Moment

Matilda on the sofa

Of all the many, many photos I took this week, it had to be this one I chose; it's so unusual to get her face in focus right now, given how much she moves!

This week was the start of the new term so Matilda and I checked out a new dance class and a new gymnastics group (I use the terms "dance" and "gymnastics" loosely; they could both just be called "moving around a gym hall at speed" sessions). She loved them both so we'll be going back.

We also made it to Bookbug for the first time in months and went to visit Matilda's best friend.

I've found it amazing, this week, watching Matilda go into new groups and simply befriend other babies. She blinks at them a few times and off they go (it's very Mr Tumble*).

*My apologies to anyone whose brain isn't full of CBeebies catchphrases and therefore didn't get the joke.

My weekly Extra: Ordinary Moment photo is my contribution to both Katie's Ordinary Moments linky and Hayley's Living Arrows project. You can see more of my pictures on my Two Days the Same photo blog and my Instagram.

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