Winter Excitement, 2015

Things to do in Winter

Winter is officially upon us.

I know, I know, it's been feeling like winter since the middle of November. I've been bundled up in hats and gloves and scarves and envying Matilda's massive, padded snowsuit. But if we're going by the calendar, winter starts today.

It's a time of clearing out the old and making fresh starts. That might be by making resolutions, giving away things we don't need or just by watching the garden die back and looking out for those daring first snowdrops.

I love the bleary, almost monochrome look of winter - the white skies and dark silhouettes against them. I love the bright blues and whites of the sunny days. I'm not so keen on the biting cold but I love the crunch of snow beneath my feet.

Here's what I'm looking forward to about this winter in particular:

  • Coming up with sneaky ways of feeding the birds (so the seagulls don't nab it all first)
  • Eating gingerbread and ginger biscuits and drinking ginger tea
  • Eating by (LED) candlelight
  • Adding a little sparkle to the winter solstice
  • Drinking mulled wine and hot cider (and appreciating them all the more after two festive seasons without any booze) 
  • Making our 2015 photo book (so, so many baby photos!)
  • Baking pain d'epices
  • Searching for pine cones
  • Watching Christmas/classic movies under cosy blankets
  • Stargazing on dark nights
  • Steve going through his annual soup making craze
  • Stamping on frosty grass
  • Wading in fresh snow
  • Cracking frozen puddles with my heels
  • Seeing in the new year with a kiss
  • Introducing Matilda to haggis 
  • And, of course, in a few days we will be celebrating Matilda's first Christmas.

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