DIY: 10 Minute Christmas Wreath

10 Minute Starry Christmas Wreath DIY

Recently, the team at Turtle Mat challenged me to make a Christmas wreath.

I've never tried to make a wreath before so, honestly, I wasn't sure quite where to start. I did what I would do faced with any new project: I turned to Pinterest. A quick search uncovered all sorts of fancy, intricate, ornate, beautiful wreaths which made me feel inspired (you can see my board here) but I knew I'd be lucky to find half an hour for crafting. I needed something simple.

Quick, Easy Christmas Wreath

Turtle Mat had sent me the metal wreath ring (which may well have some special name I don't know about), a glue gun, a few festive trinkets and a £10 Amazon voucher. I also had the option to go out and gather natural elements - and that's exactly what I would have done if I could have faced the hunt for a holly tree in the freezing cold with a buggy and a disinterested baby. So: I also needed something very inexpensive.

Quick, Easy Starry Christmas Wreath DIY

I bought a big bag of pre-cut silver and gold cardboard stars and plugged the glue gun in.

While I waited for the glue to get hot and melty, I found somewhere to perch the tiny robin Turtle Mat had sent me. First Christmas decoration of the year. Cute, right?

Making a Wreath for Christmas

Once the glue was ready, I took some of the largest cardboard stars and spaced them around the circle. I made sure that they all sat under one ring and over the other as [I figured] that would make the finished wreath sturdier.

10 Minute Starry Christmas Wreath DIY

How to Make a 10 Minute Christmas Wreath

And then I spent a whole five minutes gluing other stars on at random.

And... that was it.

Quite possibly the quickest, easiest Christmas wreath imaginable. It's surprisingly effective, though, and had Matilda entranced for a good half hour.

How to Make a Starry Christmas Wreath in 10 Minutes

I still had a handful of cardboard stars left along with a length of festive string which Turtle Mat had supplied so I decided, while I was at it, I would make a starry dangling decoration, too.

Quick Easy Starry Christmas Decorations

All I did was glue stars of the same size either side of the string, tie a knot in the top and hang it up. It couldn't have been simpler.

How to make a quick, easy Christmas decoration

This post is an entry into the Turtle Mat Festive Wreath competition. All opinions etc are my own.

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