December: Past, Present

Mug of hot tea

December is always a time of celebrations for us - not just because of Christmas but because Steve and I and a lot of our friends all have December birthdays.

Last year, we both took our traditional week off work for our birthdays. Steve's plans ended up being cancelled when my pelvic girdle pain hit but we managed to drag ourselves to a restaurant for mine.

Over the course of the month, I wrote about:

On a New Year note, I decided that rather than making self-critical resolutions I would write about things I'm already good at. I also suggested 31 things to do in January which wouldn't make you feel bad about yourself (this still one of my most popular posts, thanks largely to Alex).

Wrapping paper

This year is a big year. We have my first birthday as a mother, Steve's first birthday as a father, Steve's dad's first birthday as a grandfather and one of Matilda's friend's first birthdays full stop. Also, the usual array of celebrating mates.

We've got Matilda's first Christmas which includes a day of crafting with other mums and babies and an infant Christmas party (which is fancy dress, naturally).

Alas, Steve's working over the Christmas period because people don't stop breaking their computers just because it's the holidays (this is why you shouldn't be checking your work emails when you're at home - think of the poor IT folk having to deal with that virus in the midst of Christmas dinner) but he does have the standard week off work for our birthdays.

And just, generally, we'll be pointing out sparkly lights to a seven month old. I can hardly wait.

What are your plans for December?

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