A Very Rooftops Christmas, 2015

Gifts under felt Christmas tree

Happy Christmas, everyone! I hope those of you who celebrate had wonderful days.

We spent it together as a tiny family, just the three of us, and it was wonderful.

Steve and I had each bought Matilda three small gifts (we had a £20 limit and didn't tell one another what we had bought) but she was thoroughly spoiled by her grandparents and by our friends and neighbours. It took us two hours to get through the present mountain, largely because we had to take three tea-and-CBeebies breaks to stop her from becoming overwhelmed.

Rooftops Christmas: playing with toys

For all the toys she received, she focused on just three of them: a pull-along duck which rattles when picked up and frantically shaken; a stacking toy; and a tiny pair of purple Converse (from Elise) which she enjoyed slapping together. Babies make happy little minimalists.

On the other hand, every single one of her new books was read at least once. We had also given her Santa's Beard the night before which she demanded be read to her five or six times over the course of the day. She might not be interested in the words or stories yet, but I'm pretty chuffed that she's (currently) a book lover.

Stack of baby books
Rooftops Christmas: Steve reading to Matilda

It was a new sort of Christmas for Steve and me. We had smaller (though extremely generous) piles of presents but were too distracted by Matilda's gifts to have that familiar empty, unsated sensation once we'd opened them all. Examining them properly had to wait until after Matilda's bedtime, too.

There was a glass of wine with the meal (Matilda was unimpressed by the carrots but ate everything else) and another after putting her to bed; there were a couple of chocolates snuck into our mouths when she wasn't looking. None of the excesses of previous years.

But it was lovely.

And now I'm having a couple of quiet hours to myself while Steve and Matilda run errands in the lashing rain. Tomorrow, Steve's parents will visit and, the day after that, one of my favourite people in the world will be dropping by before heading home to Edinburgh.

Rooftops Christmas: Sarah showing Matilda toys

How have you been spending the holidays, yourself?

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