My Birthday: 36 of my Favourite Moments from When I Was 36

The Family Rooftops

Today is my thirty-seventh birthday. Happy birthday, me! Why, yes, I would like a slice of delicious cake, thank you very much.

Partly Entirely inspired by Nova's birthday post in October, this year I decided that I'd skip the usual waffle about why thirties beat twenties, how insulting I find "twenty-one again" jokes and/or what my hopes and dreams are for the coming year (in brief: larger quantities of garlic bread; more sleep; shoes which don't hurt) and instead make a list of the 36 moments I've most enjoyed over the past twelve months.

And here they are (in more or less chronological order):
  1. Last year's Christmas afternoon tea at the Beach Ballroom.
  2. Last Christmas Day
  3. Hearing the baby's heartbeat for the first time.
  4. I'm going to clump all four of my friends' new babies together, although there's six months between the oldest and the youngest. So: meeting each of those four babies for the first time.
  5. My Not Quite a Mother's Day posey from Steve.
  6. My moments old baby lying on my stomach, gazing into my eyes; holding Steve's hand as we decided our daughter was indeed "Matilda".
  7. A friend who works at the hospital sneaking onto the ward to meet Matilda.
  8. Leaving the hospital when Matilda was four days old to find all the cherry blossom trees in bloom.
  9. Sitting in our living room as four grandparents passed Matilda between them, the cats sniffed everything which had just come home from the hospital and huge cotton wool ball snowflakes fell and covered the world outside. 
  10. Watching my sister hold Matilda for the first time.
  11. A friend showing me her wedding photos.
  12. Pushing Matilda round the woods in the company of a couple I know.
  13. Our first date night, at five weeks.
  14. A very old friend and her family visiting from York; watching my baby curling up and sleeping in her arms.
  15. Matilda's first smile.
  16. The first Aberdeen bloggers meet up.
  17. A very old friend visiting from Edinburgh and making Matilda smile.
  18. Matilda's stunned face at her first Bookbug session.
  19. Sneaking away from Opera in the Park with Steff.
  20. Matilda discovering strawberry jelly at a messy play session and practically bathing in it.
  21. The first time Matilda and Phoebe held hands (it was during a Bookbug session).
  22. Going to the garden centre with Laura and buying loads of flowers.
  23. A very old friend's wedding reception. Seeing lots of people I hadn't spoken to in years, eating bubblegum cupcakes and, of course, witnessing the joy on my friend and his new wife's faces.
  24. Riding a unicorn at Duthie Park.
  25. Sitting in Union Terrace Gardens talking blogging with Elise.
  26. The Edinburgh comedy workshop.
  27. Matilda's first laugh.
  28. Having a big feminist rant with a friend after watching Suffragette.
  29. Andrea visiting and bringing Matilda her old fairy tale book.
  30. Steve's face when he saw me all done up after Karen invited me along to a free hair and make up session. He didn't know what to say!
  31. Matilda's face when I carried her into the living room one morning and she saw all the Halloween decorations.
  32. Photographing lots of babies in costumes at their Halloween party.
  33. Looking through a kitchen roll tube at Matilda; her momentary shock when she thought there was an eyeball inside it.
  34. Matilda (at just shy of seven months) and Phoebe (nine) standing opposite each other, squeaking and squawking at each other like they were having a real conversation.
  35. A weekend in Edinburgh when I met G, Siobhan and three very old friends and spent two days eating and drinking and chatting and feeling happy.
  36. Matilda's big, bouncy welcome when I got back home.

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