16 Ordinary Things to do in 2016

16 Ordinary Things to do in 2016

I'm not interested in spending a bleak time of year abstaining from things which give me pleasure. Why does hoping to be happier have to mean big plans and big goals and big resolutions? Why not focus instead of the small, easy, attainable things which stick a smile on your face?

Here are sixteen of the things which I suggest looking forward to in 2016:
  1. Watching an unashamedly feel good film.
  2. Printing and framing some favourite photos.
  3. Keeping the fancy tea/coffee/hot chocolate in stock.
  4. Re-reading an old favourite book.
  5. Blowing bubbles. With friends. 
  6. Letting the fresh air into your home.
  7. Dancing with abandon.
  8. Switching your phone off and getting outdoors.
  9. Eating some cake (without once mentioning the calories).
  10. Spending at least one day in your pyjamas.
  11. Photographing your coffee. And flowers. And the sunset.
  12. Stopping to stroke strange cats.
  13. Wearing novelty socks. A lot.
  14. Meeting up with an old friend.
  15. Binge watching a TV box set.
  16. Having a go on the swings.
What would you add to this list?

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