How to Play With a Six Month Old Baby

It's amazing the difference a month makes. Although Matilda still enjoys most of the activities she did at five months old, suddenly all of these new interests have popped up.

Here's how she's entertaining herself now:

How to play with a six month old baby


A lot of babies begin seriously trying to move around about now. Some start to crawl; Matilda is holding onto my hands and stomping around the flat at speed. She also likes pulling herself to standing, bouncing on the spot, being swung around in the air, being tickled, climbing parents and getting piggybacks.

Tipping Things Out Of Containers

She has a box of Hide 'n' Squeak Eggs and also a tub full of shaped blocks; both get upended onto the floor and the contents ferociously scattered. She can also carefully pick things out of her toy box but this is much less entertaining to her.

Washing Her Hands

As much fun as weaning is, I used to dread the clean up afterwards because every time we tried to clean Matilda's hands she would start to howl. One day, I put a bowl of warm water in front of her to see what she would do; she immediately dunked both hands in it, began cooing happily and splashed until she was clean. Sometimes she will even take a Cheeky Wipe and dab away the dirt. We now do this every time she eats and she still loves it.

Chewing on "Real" Things

Remote controls, phones, cameras, Kindles, the Roomba (the only "pet" which ever comes near her), wires - she wants to chew them all. Luckily, she is also happy to play with empty ice cream tubs, cushions, a soft bristle brush, the cats' scratching post, door stops and various other safer, less easily damaged items!

Trying to Pat the Cats

She is rarely successful. She still beams and makes happy noises whenever she sees one of them, though.

Reading Board Books

After months of me trying to show her books, suddenly something has clicked. She now understands how and why to lift the flaps and also (sometimes) enjoys playing with touch and feel books. She's currently trying to master turning pages by herself.

Watching Real Children and Cartoons Interact

For the longest time, Matilda wasn't interested in the TV (despite me using her existence to justify a Freesat installation). Now she loves anything which features animations and real children interacting - Waybuloo; the opening and closing sequences of Abadabas; bits of Show Me, Show Me. It must seem magical to her, pictures coming to life and playing with children. For some reason, she also likes Mr Tumble.

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