Baby's First Artwork

Baby's First Artwork: Your baby can paint!

I've mentioned before that one of the things I was most looking forward to about having a child was doing arts and crafts. At six months old, Matilda isn't ready for anything particularly complicated but impatience got the better of me so I decided to find a way to let her do some painting.

Now, this isn't my idea (you'll find the inspiration on my "Activities for Babies" Pinterest board), but it was good fun so I thought I'd share it.

What you need:
Ziploc bags (I opted for double zipper ones as I knew they'd end up in Matilda's mouth; you might also want to tape them shut)
Squishy paint in various colours (there are baby safe paints available, if you're worried)

Baby's First Artwork: How to paint with a six month old baby

Pop a sheet of cardboard into a Ziploc bag. You're definitely better using cardboard rather than paper as it will be paint-sodden - the cardboard will most likely warp but paper would disintegrate!

Squirt some big blobs of paint into the bag.

Seal and hand it to your baby.

Prodding the paint around kept Matilda entertained for... oh... several minutes. I don't think she was particularly interested in the colours moving around and mixing but she did seem to like the squishing sensation and the slippery bag.

Baby's First Artwork: How to paint with a six month old baby

The painting won't look like much while it's still in the bag. Leave it to dry for a while (I'd suggest overnight) then cut down the sides of the bag to remove it. There's a good chance some of the paint will still be wet, particularly around the sides of the cardboard, so do this on a wipeable/disposable surface and be prepared to leave the painting to air dry for a little while longer.

And then: TA DA!!!! You have your baby's first beautifully colour-blended and textured artwork to proudly display on your fridge.

Baby's First Artwork: A six month old's... eh... masterpiece?

Time to set up an Etsy shop, no?

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