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Gro-Light in use

Long before I became pregnant, I had heard of the Gro Company. Knowledge of them had lodged itself in my brain along with the names of several big nappy brands, that squeaky giraffe and In the Night Garden.

It's hardly surprising - the Gro Company specialises in solving parents' problems so they get talked about a lot.

Hang around parenting forums for a while and you'll get the impression that Gro-bags (baby sleeping bags) are now the norm while an orange egg glows reassuringly beside many a moses basket.

I wrote yesterday about how much Steve and I like their chair harness*, too.

But one of the things which we found most useful when Matilda was tiny was the Gro-light (so much so that I've already mentioned it).

Now, honestly, before having Matilda we wouldn't have thought to buy a Gro-light for ourselves. When my sister gave us one, we had no idea just how beneficial it was going to be.

The Gro-light is a handy gadget which fits between your light fitting (pendant or lamp) and the bulb. When you switch the light on once, it emits a low, blue LED glow which is enough to breastfeed, bottle feed, check a nappy or pull your baby's arms back into the crib by; if you switch the light on a second time, you get the full bright glow of the bulb.

In the middle of the night, when you want to get the essentials done whilst keeping your baby drowsy, letting your partner sleep and allowing yourself to doze off again quickly, that really low light makes such a difference. I would recommend the Gro-light to any new parent.

And today I'm giving you the chance to win one!

All you need to do is comment on this post and fill in the Rafflecopter form. There are bonus points if you follow me on Twitter and/or tweet about the giveaway.

The giveaway will be open for one week. The prize will be sent out by the Gro Company and the winner will be able to stipulate screw in or bayonet fitting.

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I'm running this giveaway as a treat for genuine bloggers and blog readers; please do not enter using Twitter accounts set up solely to enter competitions.

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