October: Past, Present

Chair in a dark room

In October last year I was secretly pregnant. It was early days. We had our twelve week scan during October and I don't think I'll ever forget the terrified moment before the heart beat appeared or reaching out for Steve's hand or laughing as Matilda curled up like a cat and refused to wake up and show her face. 

The following weekend, I went to Edinburgh and spent three days telling some of my oldest and closest friends that I was going to be a mother. I met my mum and my sister for lunch in the Botanic Gardens, broke the news and watched my mum beam at me for two solid hours.

In the meantime, I found a renewed interest in blogging. After letting things slide for the longest while, suddenly I had something worth writing about. I had stories to tell and thoughts to process. 

But they weren't all about pregnancy and parenting. In October last year I wrote about:

I also wrote about how nice it was to have a bed to myself for once, completely oblivious to the fact that it would soon be both Polly and Matilda forcing me into ridiculously contorted sleeping positions.

And Steve and I celebrated Halloween quietly, at home, because I was too first trimestery (real word) to go to either of the parties we'd been invited to. Bet none of you spotted the bump in the picture of me - I was well out of my normal jeans by that stage!

Skull paper chain

October this year is a little different. The bump is now a baby; my life largely revolves around her naps and feeds and activities and entertainment.

She will be six months old in a few weeks time and Steve and I have plans to celebrate. Without her, as it happens; a friend will be babysitting while we go out and toast to our continued survival.

Steve also has a (different) week off work and - somehow - we don't have masses of jobs to do around the house so we'll be spending some time relaxing as a family. And I have a massage booked - wahooooooo!

And Halloween this year? We've no plans as yet. But, at the very least, we'll be introducing Matilda to pumpkin.

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