DIY: New Baby Keepsake Book

DIY New Baby Card Keepsake Book

I'm not usually one to get sentimental about things. I keep photos but I purge belongings.

I definitely don't keep birthday and Christmas cards. To be honest, now that we have social media to keep us up to date with each other's lives and haircuts, I don't really see the point of sending cards at all - it seems like a bit of a waste of cardboard (by which I mean: trees). I'll make do with a balloon emoji in a text message rather than somebody's name written down once a year.

Like I said: not sentimental about stuff.

But Matilda's new baby cards feel different.

A birth isn't an annual event. It's BIG. These new baby cards will never be sent again. I find myself wanting to hold onto them.

DIY New Baby Card Keepsake Book

I also feel responsible for them. Some of the cards contain messages written for Matilda; one day, she may well want to read them.

But I didn't want to just turf the cards in a box somewhere and I didn't want to spend a lot of money buying a keepsake book (which, judging by the ones I've seen in stores, wouldn't have been to my taste, anyway).

So I decided to make my own.

(I know! When did I last do a craft post?! Motherhood has changed me)

(I just checked and all my old craft posts are archived - REALLY not a big part of my blog, then!)

(Arts and crafts were one of the main things I was looking forward to about parenthood, though, so expect more of them as Matilda gets bigger)

(Anyway, where was I?)

Here's how to make your own:

How to Treasure New Baby Cards

Start off by punching holes down the spine side of all your cards. This will soon make you regret buying the cheapest hole punch in the shop; some of these cards are THICK.

Next, cut out two pieces of cardboard the same size as each other. These will form the front and back covers of your book. They need to be a little longer than your tallest card and a little wider than the widest one (unless you want a cute giraffe card to be peeking over the top of the book, of course).

Wrap each of the pieces of cardboard in pretty paper (or paint them or do whatever your personal level of craftiness allows for).

How to Store New Baby Cards
DIY New Baby Card Keepsake Book

Next, thread a very long ribbon (there will have been one on one of your new baby gifts, guaranteed*) through both of the holes of one sheet of cardboard. Be sure to have the flat of the ribbon on the nice, smooth side of your cardboard (the front of the book) and the tails dangling out the side with the sellotape neatly glued joins (the inside of the cover).

Thread all of your cards onto the ribbon. I found it easiest to loosely thread a few cards at a time, then push them tight at the end.

Finally, add the back cover, making sure to keep the joins on the inside again. If you tie the ribbon in a bow rather than gluing it, it allows for any very tardy cards to be added in later.

DIY New Baby Card Keepsake Book
DIY New Baby Keepsake Book - How to Treasure New Baby Cards

You may want to add a title or further decorations to the front cover. I did not. By which I mean: my glue stick was dried out and Matilda was about to wake up.

And there you have it: your very own baby keepsake book.

DIY New Baby Card Keepsake Book

*not guaranteed. I don't know what your friends are like.

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