Matilda's First Halloween

Matilda's first Halloween: Dragon costume

Happy Halloween!

I don't remember Halloween being a particularly big deal when I was a kid (put on bin bag "witch costume"; visit the few neighbours who had agreed to give us apples or sweets in advance; um... I think we carved a neep lantern once...?) but these days I think it's great fun.

Not for the guising (trick or treating) - I'm not really okay with going round strangers' houses demanding food. But dressing up in costumes and decorating the house and celebrating bright orange lights on dark, dark nights seems like a wonderful way to welcome in the colder months.

Baby Halloween party: flock of paper bats

Yesterday, we threw a Halloween party for Matilda and her friends. Steve took the day off work specially as he didn't want to miss his daughter's first party or all the cute, spooky costumes (one witch, one skeleton, two pumpkins and, of course, Matilda's dragon outfit).

We called it a children's party but the babies weren't old enough for games or novelty foods. So, yeah, as far as the babies went, they were really just being sat around the living room, patting one another in the face as usual.

It was more a party for the parents. And by "party" I mean "photographing babies for two hours whilst laughing about how cute they are".

Baby Halloween party: Footprint ghosts
Baby Halloween party: Skull banner

I did lay out all of Matilda's spookiest books, though, and they were thoroughly chewed on. The Foggy Foggy Forest is one of the few books she actually pays to attention to so far - I read it to her most days as her excited squeals are so adorable.

Baby Halloween books

And here is why weaning is really making me wish I was more of a dog person:

Rooftops family Halloween

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