Aberdeen Bloggers' Meet at Cup

Aberdeen bloggers meet: cup of tea and spotty saucer

On Sunday, I headed into town for the latest Aberdeen bloggers' meet up (you can read about the first two here and here).

This time, we were having a very leisurely brunch at Cup Aberdeen on Little Belmont Street. Cup is, without a doubt, one of Aberdeen's nicest cafes, serving a huge selection of teas, cakes and simple meals.

I had a pot of Earl Grey and scrambled eggs on toast but there were pretty pancakes, a proper breakfast, assorted hot drinks and a baffling tray of iced tea (yes, baffling - we almost called somebody over to explain it to us) consumed around the table.

Aberdeen bloggers

There were a few new faces this time. Around the table are: Nicole from Nicole de PennyLane; Iga from Iga Berry; Laura from Liparazzi; Karen from Tiny Bird Heart; Me (hello!); Anastasia from Natbee's Fashion and Laura from Laura Whispering.

I fear our end of the table hogged the conversation a bit with all our talk of babies - oops! Sorry, everyone!

As ever, it was lovely to see everybody and here's hoping we can arrange another meet up soon.

Aberdeen bloggers meet: CUP decorations

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