Autumn Excitement, 2015

Basket of windfall apples

Autumn officially begins today (although, judging by the recent weather, it had a bit of a head start). I love autumn. What am I saying? I'm a blogger; I love all the seasons for their whole new set of blog post prompts. But I do particularly love the colours of autumn - the reds and browns and oranges and forests greens, they are my colours.

As this autumn kicks off, Matilda is still too little to do many of the traditional autumnal things (or many of the things on my autumn Pinterest board). But there are still things I'm planning to show her and share with her, even if she is more interested in chewing on her fist.

So, other than wearing red and orange and yellow tights, here are the things I'm looking forward to this season:

Pink sunrise

  • Spotting the first flocks of birds flying south and the first robin red breasts bobbing around the garden.
  • Hunting for conkers, acorns and sycamore helicopters.
  • Foraging for brambles - there are tons of them all around our neighbourhood.
  • Wearing a scarf and gloves with glee; dressing Matilda in novelty hats.
  • Baking with apples. Or just baking apples.
  • Eating hot marshmallows (generally scooping them out of hot chocolate but I might find out what all the s'mores fuss is this year).
  • Watching the fireworks (out the window because they're after Matilda's bedtime).
  • Carving a pumpkin; making pumpkin soup.
  • Kicking through fallen leaves.
  • Admiring the red, orange, yellow colours all around.
  • Nursing my chrysanthemum back to health. And my Christmas cactus.
  • Admiring the bright pink sunrises.
  • Making the most of some wet weather pyjama days by cranking up the heating.
  • Watching When Harry Met Sally (it's tradition).

What are you looking forward to this autumn?


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