A Sunday in September

Sunday in September - Matilda Rooftops in baby carrier

After a week of cold, wet weather, Sunday turned out beautiful so we headed out to Grandholm for a family walk.

Autumn's definitely on the way, though - I spotted my first orange leaf of the year:

Sunday in September - First orange leaf of the year
Sunday in September - Brambles

And the brambles are almost ripe.

We had a quick play in the park - swinging on the swings; spinning on the roundabout; bouncing on the seesaw. Matilda, in her carrier, didn't look particularly impressed but I suppose she spends all day getting whooshed and jiggled about so is less excited by... eh... whooshing and jiggling about...

Sunday in September - Family Rooftops
Sunday in September - Old mill machinery at Grandholm, Aberdeen

The riverside walk is fascinating - there are all these bits of rusty old mill machinery and tumbled industrial buildings hidden in amongst the trees. We only walked a tiny part of the way but Steve and I kept getting distracted by the remnants of walls, Matilda by the bobbing branches.

Sunday in September - Pink Wildflowers by the river
Sunday in September - River Don
Sunday in September - Sarah Rooftops

Because life is lived in short bursts between naps at the moment, we headed home for lunch.

Then it was off into town for a nosy round Aberdeen Art Fair followed by a quick sandwich in Caffè Nero where Matilda was very impressed by the children's corner.

Sunday in September - Matilda Rooftops playing with toy

Look at my baby, sitting on a chair all by herself(-ish)! It's even more incredible than the amount of people who thought she was a "gorgeous little boy" because the stripes on her dress were blue.

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