Matilda Meets Elise

Elise from "Elise and Life" with Matilda Rooftops

Earlier this week, Elise came up to Aberdeen for an afternoon. I was very excited for Matilda to meet my oldest and closest blogging friend - I even dressed her in an Elise-style navy and white dress specially.

On the day, I was a bit frazzled. After five weeks of sleeping through until at least 4am, Matilda had been up a couple of times overnight and I was suffering for it! We stumbled as far as the Marks & Spencer cafe nearest the train station so I could refuel and get my head straight.

From there, it was on to Union Terrace Gardens to enjoy the warm weather and chat about all things blogging (and some things baby and travel).

And finally, when Matilda seemed to be getting fed up of the fresh air, we headed to the cafe in The Belmont Filmhouse for tea and cake. Matilda was quite happy to lie on the table between us for an hour and stare at the word "SEARCH" on a poster to her left. Babies, eh? Easily amused. When we got home and I showed her the gorgeous green blanket Elise had knitted for her, she was more interested in the pink tissue paper it was wrapped in - Steve and I love the blanket, though, so thank you, Elise, from us!

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